Dog Training Courses

Dog-lovers meetings - The most exciting, enjoyable way of learning how to deal with your dog is to meet with a group of other dog owners and, while being professionally supported and coordinated by an experienced dog trainer, spend a weekend or a full week in a beautiful natural environment, staying in a lovely guesthouse, with nature, animals and people who share the same interests.

For this reason we organize dog-lovers meetings, if you want you can join us!

Besides the more practical meetings, there are lectures, symposia, meetings with Italian and international experts. All these meetings are guaranteed and supervised by Luca Rossi.

During these meetings, subjects related to dogs are treated in a pleasant and involving way, both from the theoretical, but most of all from a practical point of view, with field drills and exercises.

It is a lot of fun to participate in the weekends or even in a week holiday, because you can learn a new way to communicate with your dog and many games to play with him/her.

For example mail carrying, which consists in transferring a series of messages amongst the member of the same family, the search for the owner in the woods, which increases intimacy between the dog and its owner, the treasure hunt with dogs, smelling a trail, and many more mind activating exercises and games.

It is also possible to watch international videos from American, English, Swedish, Danish, and other dog training schools, which compose Luca Rossi's super-furnished personal video collection.

Another aspect deserves some attention: the comradely, harmonious, fun spirit that permeates all meetings supervised by Luca Rossi.

Moreover, in the surroundings of the farm hosting the meeting, it is generally possible to visit a medieval village, a castle, or reach the springs of some important river, drink iron-rich waters as they gush out of the spring, learn the history of valleys and mountains surrounding the farm, immerse in the rustic life of those who live and work there.

At the end of the weekend or holiday with your dog, you will feel better, also because the farm houses hosting these meetings are accurately selected for their quiet location, good cuisine, grilled meats, tasting of typical foods and wines, horse-riding outings with dogs, the possibility to carry out water retrievals in rivers and streams, etc.

Moreover, a few days after the event, photos are published in the section Photos on the website and you will be able to live the most beautiful moments spent with your dog and other nice people again…

If you are interested in all this, check out whether there is a meeting for you and reserve your place on the Internet!

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