Gastronomic October

Autunno Gastronomico Valtarese (Valtaro gastronomic autumn) is the new designation of an event previously known as "Settembre Gastronomico" (gastronomic September).

The organizers consider this change as the evolution of an intuition that can be developed across a longer time span. This event is yet another occasion to meet the delights of mountain cooking, which in this season can offer delicacies like: Borgotaro porcini mushrooms, typical salted pie, Valtaro trout, game, chestnut cake and Parmesan cheese from the mountains.

Another important aspect of this event is the yearly awarding of the famous "Golden Mushroom" to the participating restaurant that has stood out in gastronomic art. Awarding of the prize will be decided upon votes allocated by the customers.

For further information check "Strada del Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro"