The dishes we cook draw inspiration from Emilian/Ligurian cuisine and are prepared with products grown on the farm.

The restaurant is also open to the public (reservation required) and the menu can be agreed with Corrado, the cook. It is also possible to reserve the restaurant for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Typical dishes are:

    * Fresh home-made pasta
    * Tagliatelle with truffle sauce
    * Tagliatelle with walnut sauce
    * Tortelli with silver beet filling
    * Tortelli with mushrooms
    * Risotto
    * Lasagne
    * Vegetable quiches
    * Braised meat

In some occasions of the year we offer theme meals:

    * Pork Feast (when the pig is killed)
    * Bore Feast (during hunting season)
    * Fresh mushroom dishes (autumn)

We receive with pleasure your friends with 4 legs, which can freely ramble in the meadows and woods which surround the restaurant and the farm holiday.

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