Outdoor training (RIESCO)

More and more often public and private organizations, enterprises, and institutions have to deal with change urged by the market, different social needs, organizational modifications, and acquisitions or mergers.
Such changes have strong impact on the core of organizations and often require sudden change of personnel behaviour and attitude, not only at management level, but more and more often also at the level of employees who deal directly with the clients and with back-office activities.

Amongst the various organizational action modalities, training stands out for its long-term effects and the professional requalification it produces; however it often requires more resources (in terms of time) than are presently available to many companies.

An answer may come from the didactics of outdoor training which, being characterized by immediacy, direct involvement, overcoming of formal barriers and roles, accelerates socialization and learning processes in contexts where behavioural changes are needed.
In particular:

    * Identify and develop leadership processes
    * Accelerate team building processes
    * Train and consolidate work groups
    * Prepare task force and project groups
    * Facilitate integration of human resources in the event of acquisitions, mergers, privatization, etc.
    * Direct towards increasingly demanding objectives
Outdoor training creates immediate familiarity, in contact with nature, allowing people to learn in an enjoyable way. The environment is emotionally very effective and permanent results are achieved in a short time.
RIESCO and its staff are capable of planning and managing particularly effective training actions, carried out through:

    * Alternating practical exercises with commenting and discussion sessions.
    * One or more sessions a day in an appropriate classroom to rationalize what has been learned on field.
    * The concrete transfer into the work environment through relevant "back home" sessions.

The effectiveness of outdoor training is also enhanced by the creation of training paths integrated with conventional training modules: in this case the two modalities are mutually reinforced, for a consolidated, extended learning.

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