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Horse-breaking and Training Centre

parmigiano reggiano biologico di montagna

The Horse-breaking and Training Centre is intended to develop the understanding of the greater value of a trained horse in breeders, so as to improve marketing of adult specimens and their introduction in rural tourism farms. Breeders will be able to send their foals to the Horse-Breaking and Training Centre for no longer than 3 months, at low cost, according to conventional parameters, and relying on specific contributions.
Horses, trained according to a programme of the Central Office of the Bardigiano Horse, will be evaluated by a relevant Committee at the end of the training cycle, in order to verify the results obtained. The training certificates will be handed out either during the National Breed Exhibition in Bardi, where a special contest will be held, or at the Bardigiano horse "riding meet" in the Autumn.


    * Tame and train foals to be sold as riding horses or light draught horses, used in rural tourism centres, or privately.
    * Carry out tests for the evaluation of horse talents. Specifically, for all stallions to be included in the race and for a significant number of breeding mares, selected according to genetic indexes.
    * Manage a mare covering station with stallions from the Genealogy Book, for the creation of scheduled mating plans.
    * Create a reference point for the marketing of trained Bardigiano horses, where to send customers contacted during exhibitions and events at which Bardigiano horses participate.

The management of the Centre is intended solely for the breeding and training of Bardigiano horses.

The Manager of the Centre, in agreement with the Central Office of the Genealogy Book, agrees to:

    * Follow the indicated breeding rules - Apply breeding and training costs, calculated on the basis of agricultural market bulletins
    * Follow horse-breaking rules given by the Central Technical Committee and satisfy the breeders' requirements

Horse-breaking and training times: 60-90 days (according to results obtained)


Training is intended to highlight and qualify the breed talents for:

    * Service at the saddle
    * Light draught


A) recognition
B) biometric data detection
C) description of morphological conditions
D) general and nutritional conditions
E) legs - natural stance and shoeing
F) temperament and character
G) description of training at introduction and work in the circle

A) taming of the horse
B) cleaning and tending, work in the stall
C) start of training to work
D) acceptance of harnessing
E) work on flat ground

During training the horse needs to have total trust in the feasibility of the decision imparted by the rider, face it and succeed calmly, without hesitation. Difficult or precision manoeuvres in the ring are intended to refine the horse's experience and evaluate its instinct for future tasks. Training is a long process, it requires patience as well as great and constant attention to any reaction from the horse. This is never complete, but it can be very rewarding through small, continuous steps.


KEYWORD: Fattoria didattica per scuole , Agriturismo con maneggio a Parma , parmigiano reggiano biologico di montagna

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