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Trail of the Borgotaro Porcino Muchroom

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The "Trail" offers the most famous mushroom, in the district of the 'High' villages of the Taro valley: the Borgotaro Porcino. The tasty mushroom menus are accompanied by Parmesan cheese, wild berries, mountain bread, vegetable and potato quiches, and the traditional tasty Appennine cuisine.


The Borgotaro Porcino mushroom is the renowned guest of a trail unraveling mainly across the Taro valley. It connects to the North-East with the Baganza valley (and the trail of Prosciutto and Colli wines) and to the West with the Ceno valley and the crest dividing the Parmesan Appennine from the Piacentine Appennine. To the South it opens up to sea-bound trails…this territory hosts some of the most fascinating sceneries of the entire Appennine crest; it is harmoniously incorporates hills ascending along several streams to reach the peaks of the Ligurian and Tuscan borders. This is a historic land, marked with castles, medieval villages, and ancient religious sites. For centuries the path of religious belief overlapped with commercial trails from France, into the Po valley and to the sea. An outing in nature is ideal in this area. This area is also a well known holiday resort: in summer it comes alive with its festivals and in autumn it welcomes tourists with the most appetizing menu…the Borgotaro Porcini mushrooms along with the traditional cuisine of the Parmesan mountains.

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