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The Farm offers a series of nature and excursion itineraries linked to the different habitats of the Appennines and some experiences linked to cattle and horse pasture farming and local cuisine. Besides board and lodging, the guesthouse offers horse-riding outings on Bardigiano horses, taking advantage of the beautiful landscapes and uncontaminated natural environment. Historic and cultural attractions are also an important asset: besides the ancient medieval village of Compiano with its castle, within reach are the Bardi castle, the Varsi fortress, several small ancient villages like Cereseto, Dugara, Bossi, Corchia, etc

Let's discover cattle feed and feed milk to the calves. Here is where milk comes from: how beautiful is to milk the cows.

Parmesan cheese:: let's visit the cheese factory to see how this unique cheese is obtained from the milk of our cows.

Grazing: here cows can graze freely…see how jealous they are of their offspring!

An unexplored world:: meadows and woods of the Appennines: what will we find? Maybe medicinal plants, wild fruits, and in the proper season also porcini mushrooms, golden chanterelles, or the rare St. George's mushrooms.

A mischievous mane, a cute face, here is a Bardigiano mare, she is waiting for us to tell us about her long, adventurous life, and most of all to offer a ride.

Want to make an attempt at coking? The farm restaurant offers cooking lessons to learn how to prepare succulent, tasty dishes.

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