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Organic principles

carni biologiche

Since 1995 Carovane has been applying organic farming principles to the cultivation of its crops (barley, forage, vegetables) and since 2001 also to cattle and hog farming.
Organic farming does not employ synthetic chemicals (fertilizers and herbicides), on the contrary it uses only natural products. Livestock are bred safeguarding their wellbeing and are fed with farm produced organic forage and organic feed; if they get unwell they are treated with natural products, namely phytotherapy and homeopathy. Cows and horses graze freely on the meadows and pastures.

All farm products used in the farm restaurant are organic: flour, milk, cured pork meat, vegetables and Parmesan cheese made with farm milk processed in the nearby cheese factory. Organic farming is a form of agriculture regulated by European and national laws in order to protect the end user.

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