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Our Trekking on the High Road through the Ligurian mountains is a long trail, one of the most interesting and spectacular inner stretches of the Appennines from a landscape, faunistic and historical point of view. It unravels over a set of routes in different hill and mountainous environments, crossing the crest of the Ligurian-Emilian Appennines and reaching the sea of Cinque Terre. The trek is performed on Bardigiano horses, particularly suitable for this type of trails. Tame, tough and generous, these horses, native to the Tuscan-Ligurian-Emilian Appenines, are ideal to cross these lands, and savour adventure in total safety.
The Trekking on the High Road through the Ligurian mountains, in all its 200 km. There are paths, mule tracks, and dirt roads involving a certain degree of difficulty, therefore this trek is intended solely for experienced riders.
Routes unravel through woodlands and streams, typical to the Appennines.
Spring and autumn are the best seasons to experience the beauty of the area at its finest: they guarantee ideal conditions for a trek in the woodlands and a large variety of colours, from various shades of green to the endless blossoming in spring and to yellows, browns, and reds in the autumn. People who reach this part of the Appennines for the first time (from the Taro valley to the Vara valley) are struck by the uncontaminated environment, with luxuriant woodlands covering all slopes of the valleys. And not only the green of the woodlands. Past the routes of the High Road through the Ligurian mountains and once crossed the Vara valley, climbing the coastal crest there appears the blue sea, one of the most fascinating marine landscapes of the world: le Cinque Terre.

Dates:     from Wednesday 2nd June to Monday 7th June
      from Wednesday 8 September to Monday 13 September
Where:     from Compiano, Taro valley, province of Parma, through the High Ligurian Roads, to the Cinque Terre Park.
Lasts:     5 days
Distance:     200 km
Guides:     two horse-riding environmental guides
Horses:     Bardigianos, provided by the ‘Carovane’ Equestrian Association
Difficulty:     medium-high
Height difference:     from the cliff overlooking the sea we will cross 1,450 above sea level
Nature of soil: woodlands, rural paths, meadows and mule tracks
Environment:     maquis, mossy oak and beech tree forests, chestnut woods, Vara river park, Cinque Terre cliffs.
Equipment:     horse-riding pants, boots, or gaiters, hard helmet, sleeping bag, raincoat, flask, compass. All equipment to be cut down to the absolutely necessary and to be made of material as light as possible.
Requirements:     the route requires good horse-riding skills and physical training. The Carovane Equestrian Association reserves the right to verify fitness for the trek before departure


1st day: Wednesday
arrival at the Carovane farm guesthouse in Compiano, meeting with the guides and allocation of horses. Allocation of rooms, dinner, and overnight stay.

2nd day: Thursday
Breakfast. Departure from Compiano, continuation to Cento Croci Pass, crossing of pass and lunch at 'Camillo Ranch'. In the afternoon, we will pass the Tre Confini pass (1400 m) and arrive in Chiusola, dinner and overnight stay at "Gottero Ranch" farm guesthouse.

3rd day: Friday
Breakfast. Departure from Chiusola towards the coastal crest, crossing of the Vara valley, arrival at Mattarana, stop for lunch. In the afternoon we head for Monte Bardellone where we will have dinner and stay overnight at the "Cà Melana" farm guesthouse.

4th day: Saturday
Breakfast. From Monte Bardellone we continue on the coastal crest, overlooking the sea, and descend to Volastra. Lunch at the seaside.In the afternoon we will visit the 14th century sanctuary of Madonna di Monte Nero and return to Monte Bardellone where we will dine and stay overnight at the "Cà Melana" farm guesthouse

5th day: Sunday
Breakfast. Departure from Monte Bardellone towards the High Road through the Ligurian mountains, crossing of the valley and wading of the Vara river. Arrival at Casoni di Suvero in the evening, dinner and overnight stay at hotel-lodge "Il Cacciatore".

6th day: Monday
Breakfast. From Casoni di Suvero the route follows the Ligurian-Tuscan Appennine crest, on the High Road through the Ligurian mountains and, through vast pastures, with 360° view over the Ligurian and Tuscan valleys, on mountainous crests comprising also the Apuane Alps. Lunch at Zumzeri Lodge, skiing resort at 1450 m a. s. l. Descent towards Alta Val Taro, arrival in Compiano at the 'Carovane' farm guesthouse in the evening (possible to dine and stay overnight at the guesthouse, at the extra cost of €40.00)

PRICE :€ 580
FOR RESERVATIONS : Tel.0525/825324 or 335/1355986 mail

P.S. A FISE (Equestrian Sports Italian Federation) license or equivalent is required; it is possible to obtain the license at the Carovane Equestrian Association (cost €10.00), against submission of a medical health certificate and tetanus injection certificate.


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